At Winnebago Title Company, we take great pride in the knowledgeable and experienced staff that we have.  Each of the employees is dedicated to providing the most accurate, timely service available.

Each of the staff is trained in many different areas, therefore, the knowledge of our staff is not limited to a few people.

Morgan is the President and CEO of Winnebago County Title Co. and takes great pride in offering a learning experience to the staff.

Trevor has been with WTC since, 1992 as document preparation and is now the head of our examination department.

Carly is the Marketing Officer as well as a multi-county searcher for WCTC.  She has been with the company since 1996 and is trained in document preparation, searching, public relations.  Look for her at the many golf outings this summer.

Kate is the Closing Officer for WTC and has had over 10 years experience with us.  She is trained in closings, document preparation, final policy, searching, escrow, construction payouts and customer relations.

Ella is a document preparation master.  She joined WTC in 1996 and has proven to be a great asset with searches, commitments, foreclosures, and final policies.  Ellen is also a contact for customer relations and order tracking.

Gilbert, our head searcher, has been with CTC for years.  He came to us with knowledge from searching the Alaskan Pipeline.  He has searched the territories of Wisconsin and Iowa as well as Montana, the Dakotas and of course Illinois.

Bo joined WTC in 1997 with many years of searching experience.  She is trained in searching, document preparation and is also learning the workings of the office.