The Role of Real Estate Closing Solutions in Selling Properties

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Trying to sell the property without due process is like going to the desert without water.

Few agents or realtors prepare the process of real estate closing solutions. They believe it is a process that they have already mastered. Though each property involves a similar process, every transaction has differences.

A practice that is not recommended to realtors when purchasing a new property is to write in detail the process of the sale of that particular property until the notarized sale signature.

A detailed process is critical when selling a new property. It is one of the parts of a strategic marketing plan that attorneys title services should master. In the case of a real estate agency that has several properties to sell, planning this process helps to identify better how the budget will be spent.

Assessing the market

attorneys title servicesThe sales process begins before posting a sign, if a property is overpriced or has some unacceptable conditions, it will be difficult to sell.

Any agent or real estate closing solutions need to have a plan that indicates the type of property, the price range and how many potential customers for a type of property.

You should then have a strategy in visiting the property. Here you should work with a script already prepared to indicate the guidelines to follow: how to visit the property, what questions to ask the owner, how to help establish the selling price, how to inspect the property, what documents to request and pickup conditions.

Preparing the paper works

This phase comprises the attorneys title services preparation of an Information file, (it is an internal document for the agent, not to the client), which are detailed:

1. The legal documentation of the property.

2. Physical Property information: square feet, rooms, floors, exterior, location, etc.

3. Documentation to get a mortgage or loan for the purchase of this property. You may need it for some customers and if you need to, be a factor that will play to your advantage to sell the property quickly.

4.  You need between 8 to 12 features per property

5. Create an avatar of the ideal customer for that property. Ideal buyer definition and selection of target audience. This helps tremendously in the next phase of marketing.

6. Prepare the photos and videos of the property in the appropriate formats for use in different social media and on the website.

7. Prepare a description of the property following the rules of copywriting property. You need a description of 800 words.

8. Upload the pictures and video of the property, along with their description on the website.

To do your job well, you need at least two days to complete this phase. Detailing features and benefits properly is not something that can be done in a couple of hours. Doing all this work provides a good understanding of what you sell, and this will be reflected in the focus of your advertising.

Marketing the Real Estate

This phase is easy to implement only if you already have a marketing plan defined for your business. Effective marketing of property means finding the right angle promotion (text or messages) and the appropriate means to reach your target audience faster.

This phase consists of selecting the means most suited to promote the property. It should not rely solely on real estate portals, or go testing means after another. The strategy is to publish by all means and ways possible.

This entails having the adequate budget, and this is where they make a big mistake many agents and agencies to create an overall and not an individual budget for each property. The rule you should follow, and that will help tremendously to sell fast, (2-3 months), it is to allocate a percentage of the commission of each property to ensure the promotion and invest it all. Do it, and you’ll notice that as you need less% by selling the property to sell.

The other part is the wording of the advertisements of the property for each medium which is to promote: Facebook, Google, Bing, portals, classifieds, email marketing campaign, etc. Here you should dip into the copywriting property and know very well how real estate online advertising works.

This phase of the process of selling real estate is not as easy as it sounds if you do not have first with a sales and marketing plan for your real estate business. If you define bad the right buyer, it’ll take to sell the property; and if you do not spend time writing effective advertising will not get enough applications.

Negotiation with the buyer

This phase includes developing a script calls incoming and outgoing calls if the agent has some customers who may be interested in this property.

The script lets you filter incoming calls to customers interested in those who are not; what you save much time and work in the next phase.

You should also prepare the information that you are sending email to you request information.

If the customer does not have decided where to apply for a mortgage, ( or better yet how to apply), seeks to be the one to tell you about the terms and conditions of the mortgage offered by a particular bank (which your agency or you have chosen for good conditions offered).

Do not let that be the bank adviser who informs them for the 1st time on these terms and conditions; sale may not run at the end. On the other hand, inform your client about this issue, increase your credibility good professional.

As you can see, in the process of selling real estate should leave little to chance and have scheduled each activity to be carried out. The more organized you have this protocol, you will feel more in control and know what you have to do and when. It is the best way to sell fast.


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